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i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. >> five big story tonight. alcohol, a couple of cars, and three nuns issues a horrific crash. why the suspect in not have been in this country let alone behind the wheel. can't someone is taking action after a new interview. the static kill plan comes to a screeching halt.
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the reason why. low-fat versus low carbohydrate. which is better? lady gaga having an alejandro of her own? the surprising new information about her love life. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with a new twist involving a group of nuns. one was killed and two others are fighting for their lives. we learned that the suspect is an illegal immigrant. and any general is encouraging a crackdown on illegal immigrants. we have a lead on both stories. >> there are a lot of players at the hospital tonight. we have the nuns that will recover from their entry. also for the young an illegal immigrant who is accused of
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causing the injury. there are prayers that he will be ok. those that live here say crashes on this road are not unusual. >> no one follows the speed limit here. >> a few months ago a crushed -- crash and not a light pulled down. >> a series of events had happened. >> three nuns were struck by a truck. one in the back seat to died. the driver was 23 years old and had no driver's license. he was out on bond awaiting deportation after a couple of prior drunk driving convictions. and this man is not the only person with questions. legal opinion wants to check the
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immigration status of anyone stopped. with -- if that had made a difference, we do not know. the other nuns are trying to recover. they also want forgiveness for a man who may have taken their lives as well. [unintelligible] controversy is around in his opinion. the impending law in arizona has been the subject of a lot of controversy. those controversial ideas and thoughts are surfacing here tonight. in fairfax, abc 7 news. >> we want to take a look at what his opinion really means. people who't ask they have stopped about their immigration status -- if they can ask people who they have stopped about their immigration status is the concern.
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he issued that opinion in response to an inquiry by a virginia delegate. a virginia attorney general is looking at the other big issue, the legal victory in the battle against the president's health care reform law. >> the court recognizes the duty of our office to defend virginia's law and protect the constitution in the manner that we are doing in this case. >> a federal judge denied the justice department's attempts to have the lawsuit dismissed. in it, he claims congress does not have the authority to require citizens to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. they passed legislation exempting state residents from the federal coverage mandate. we have laid the details in the gulf were crews are trying to parmele capped a well and had hit another setback. -- permanently cap a well and have hit another setback.
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the makeshift cap has held back the oil for a couple of weeks. this test will determine if engineers can pump mud into the wells in hopes of choking it for good. even that has its risks. >> in the event that something happens and this is some kind of a discharge, we have 22 very large equipment vessel standing by as we are doing this. >> bp engineers say the static kill could permanently stop -- plus the well. the relief wells should be finished in a week or so. the conditions are a little cloudy and very mild. howard meteorologist has the first look at it. >> tomorrow as we head into august, the hottest month, it is a very pleasant night. even though we have clouds around, look at temperatures in every area. we only made it to the low to mid 80's.
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overnight tonight, i expect we will see temperatures rise into 90's. there were a few scattered showers earlier today. for the remainder of the overnight hours and tomorrow, more light weather. we will talk more about that and what is happening in the tropics in a few minutes. >> thanks. water is back on for about two dozen customers in northwest washington who lost it for hours. and 8 inch water main came to lose -- loose. the contractor struck it while working in the area. metro's newest fare hike is about to go in effect in a matter of hours. starting tomorrow morning, writers who use paper fare cards rather than smart cards will pay 25 cents more. and those writing in the
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evening will pay a 20% -- 20 cents peak charge. there has been confusion over the signs meant to explain that. that delay caught -- costs them about $60,000. marion barry faces a public scolding, but escaped ethics charges. he did not disclose his relationship with the woman who received a $15,000 city contract. it was with his former girlfriend. the proposal was for a youth program. he failed to follow employee ethic rules, but did nothing to leak -- illegal. coming up, and details on costs that lead to accidents. it is dealing with a sniper. in a popular new gadget in our local resort. why every parent needs to see the new crackdown in ocean city.
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is talking about her sex life. that is n
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>> a springfield man is under arrest accused of assaulting a woman driver with children in the back. he allegedly struck the woman in a chantilly parking lot, pull her out of the car and sped away. police say he ordered the children out of the car. officers arrested him after he ditched the car. in maryland man is dead after he lost control of a golf cart. it occurred sunday morning when he lost his way at a park in west virginia. he plunged over a 15 foot embankment into the put tom -- botanic river.
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others in their based miner injuries. if you're headed to ocean city later this summer, a dangerous device has a new restrictions. the council voted stricter regulations for the green color laser pointers. it would prevent anyone under the age of 18 from buying or possessing them. vendors have to explain it is illegal to shine them on others. coming up, lady gaga exposed. the surprising revelation she is making about her sex life. and the health reason that may make a decision a lot easier. >> three weeks in the fall of 2006. now allegations of new victims. well police pursue?
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>> a nightmare that no one could ever forget. the serial sniper carried out their deadly path of terror in 2002. and a gunman made some startling new claims. we are learning that investigators are taking a very seriously. jennifer is live in the newsroom to explain why. >> montgomery county police said they will pursue an investigation based on claims that they shot 15 more people alleged victims whose cases were never connected to the d.c. sniper. they used to different styles and weapons. is it possible? it is not. the facts may not back up the claims. the nationally televised phone interview with lee malvo in the fall of 2002. >> at any time, you can die. >> from the interview, a new claim.
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the mastermind shot a total of 42 people. now a new investigation. >> it is not for the prosecution, because he will be in prison for the rest of his life. >> the investigation determined the pair shot 27 people. lee says there are 15 more shootings never tied to them. >> we have no local jurisdiction. we have no outside jurisdiction that would add up to the total of 42. we will interview him. >> police will go to prison to interview him and questioned a psychiatrist to claims the younger convicted killer said there were more killings than the detectives knew about. police say they could assume he is lying. one man was shot and killed while mowing his lawn. >> it would be a shame if there
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were other shootings. i think there are better things to do with the resources. >> it would be closer to families. >> the assistant police chief who fielded questions from reporters today was deeply involved in the two dozen to investigation. he was there when the pair was -- 2002 investigation. he was there when the pair was arrested. he is keeping his personal opinions about the claims to himself. he has a professional responsibility to investigate. live in the newsroom, abc 7. >> we have the latest on a dueling diet. new research suggests you can lose as much weight on anglo carb diet as much as a low-fat diet. -- the average weight loss is 15 or 17 pounds.
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a 23% improvement versus 12% for those on a low-fat diet. tlc has renewed the has"dc show "dc cupcakes." and according to a new survey, maryland has the largest concentration of high-definition television sets. massachusetts is first for the most ereaders. lady gaga says in private she is more conservative. she says she avoids casual
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encounters and calls herself celibate. despite her legions of devoted fans, she is lonely. she has recovered by past drug abuse by staying at her grandmother's house in west virginia. >> nothing like grandma's house to get you straight. has a good day -- made it a good day to get out and about. a great day to be a tourist. some comfortable weather compared to what we were in during about a week ago. our high temperatures today, an 80's. it is 76 degrees right now. last week we had a four 90 degree days in a row. look at the high temperatures today.
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our temperatures right now still in the low 70's. tomorrow morning, that is about the low temperature around woodbridge. mid 70's. a mixture of clouds and sunshine and the humidity coming back. not much below 70 degrees. the record today was 105 degrees. look at the current temperature, dallas, fort worth. 93 degrees. the humidity is coming back. with the day after day heat, there are not only heat advisories and he 20s for mississippi and alabama, but excessive heat advisories in a wide area. average june and july what was the hottest two months we have ever had. 127 degrees was the high
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temperature in one area. finland, 99 degrees in the month of july. the hottest july day have ever had. this will probably become a tropical storm. it is small and no threat to the united states. it is office, and we have to keep an eye on the tropical systems. tomorrow, just the humidity coming back. our temperatures tomorrow will be up around 70 degrees or so. as we get on through the day, 98 again. our average height is in the high 80's. we should have afternoon showers and thundershowers especially on thursday. 95 degrees of. -- 95 degrees. right now, the week looks pretty good.
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>> we have the august stretch. we will be right back. >> we have the august stretch. we will be right back. i pay the bills, and i want to know i'm getting the best bang for my buck. use your giant card and earn one gas rewards point for every dollar you spend.
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every 100 points means another 10 cents off per gallon at shell. and this week, stock up on any 3 of these everyday products and earn an extra 200 points on top of what you're already earning. i rely on the card, both for groceries and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me. check this week's circular and earn gas rewards, only with your giant card. i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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>> if you have heard of one animal, it is an endangered part of the horse species. there are only about 600 left in the world. zoo officials are conducting a fertilization project. for more information on the process, you can search it. [unintelligible] >> of the wins have changed. there is change in leadership in baltimore. big albert is not practicing.
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>> albert is the most talked- about player in the redskins' camp. but they do not want him slowing down practice while he learns the new defense. he has yet to pass the condition test. he has been working with the
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coaches learned the new burbidge and techniques. the media has made it a big deal, but it is not. his team has 40 days until they played dallas. mike is not worried. >> you have to be in certain shape. you go to practice and do not need sprints and go back and forth. he cannot go any further. we are treating him and we hope he gets better and in football shape. >> the redskins made a deal with the ravens. domonique out of university of maryland or his acl. the ravens needed a new corner, so a newdutch. -- so they got dutch. cole came in as a undersized underdog. he was a fan favorite because of his strong arm. today, he was released. >> we will miss him.
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anyone who has watched him in the season's pass will give him a shot. >> we have talked about this for weeks, but now it is official. the new manager of the baltimore orioles was announced. he is wearing no. 26 to honor a late athlete. he will turn the club around. he did it with the yankees. he has been manager of the year. you have to give him time in baltimore. the nationals are playing arizona in the west coast. they have won four of the last six games. rodriguez top of the second, look out. yes sir, that is a souvenir. 300th career home run. 2-0 national. a monster shot here to right field. his 26 of the year. 3-1 in the middle of the game.
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and one player has inflation that is down. they hope to see him on the mount august 10. steven strasbourg, august 10. in the basketball coach, a star from duke is now in indianapolis. >> just missed him yesterday.
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at pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> here we go again. >> ready for august? >> [unintelligible] temperatures near 90 degrees. after that, we will be in the mid 90's. it will not be a long since tended -- extended heat wave. we will have a break. >> we take the star sirius. >> we always take the star sirius. -- serious.
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>> we always take the star serious. >> we always take the star serious.
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